Where has the hotly-ness gone?

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Bob Herbert’s op-ed in today’s NY Times sums up, quite beautifully, the reason why this blog has come to an unfortunate halt: Read it here.


Obama Hotly “Just Like Us”*

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You know you’ve made it big when you’ve hit the cover of Us Weekly along with Angelina, the news that Hulk Hogan’s soon-to-be-ex wife is dating a 19-year-old, and those girls from that hateful Hills show. More importantly, they have a Barack Obama slideshow featuring Obama hotly riding a tricycle, hotly picking up groceries, hotly waving hot sauce, hotly on a ride at the state fair with his daughters, and, of course, hotly posing with his wife. Barring any major developments, I think tomorrow’s post needs to be all about Michelle. 

Here’s the teaser for the US Weekly story, including the slideshow.

*Their phrasing, not mine.

Obama Hotly Has it Covered

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Obama was in Flint, Michigan on Monday. Here’s a live-blogger’s coverage of his town-hall meeting.

And because part of me feels like I should provide a little substance with all the Obama fluff, here’s a diagram on the Parts of an Umbrella.

Public photo. Some rights reserved.

Obama Hotly Digging It

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Talk about hotly rolling up your sleeves and getting to work:

Obama was in Illinois on Saturday visiting a flood site and helping fill sandbags. See how nicely those basketball skills translate in the real world?

Public photo. Some rights reserved.

Obama Hotly Supine, Hotly Upright

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I’ve been suffering from post-primary letdown and a little bit of “blog headliner’s block.” Do you know how hard it is to come up with verbs that go with “hotly” all the time? I feel like taking up Obama’s position on today’s NY Times page here

Here, though, is a late little something in honor of Father’s Day: 

Public photo. Some rights reserved.

Obama Hotly Paraded

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Check out the Obama parade prop at last weekend’s Utah Pride Festival:

It beats the German-made Obama doll, yes?

And, it’s kind of hard to tell with the fur collar distracting me, but it looks like even the dog has an Obama sticker on his shirt. You can purchase official Obama stickers here, or you can get a free MoveOn.org Obama bumper sticker here.

Public photo. Some rights reserved.

Obama Hotly Un-Replicable

•June 10, 2008 • 1 Comment

You can own your very own Barack Obama for just 139 Euros! A German dollmaker is selling an Obama Doll dressed in a suit, tie, and flag pin, which you can check out here. Maybe it’s just me, but the only thing that looks true to form is the light blue tie, which Obama wore yesterday in Raleigh:

It’s so painfully obvious. People, if you’re going to make him into a doll, he needs to be an action figure! Get it? Change? Action? Well, at least give him some sunglasses. And maybe a voice box so he can say things like, “Yes, we can” or “It’s time to turn the page” or “Sweetie.”

Public photo. Some rights reserved.